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Discharging Debt: Bankruptcy in Red Bank, NJ

Bankruptcy Attorney Serving the Red Bank Area

Mounting debt can lead to a great deal of stress. When a Red Bank debtor cannot keep up with monthly payments, this may lead to various means of collection: letters, phone calls, wage garnishment, collection lawsuits, levies, liens and repossession. All of this can add up to overwhelming stress. At Law Office of Richard J. Pepsny, P.A., we are here to help you determine how to eliminate your debt. Bankruptcy may offer you the opportunity to discharge debt, meaning you will be released from any further obligation to pay it. A Red Bank bankruptcy lawyer at our offices can talk to you about your particular options in these matters. We handle bankruptcy and various other debt related matters for clients throughout Red Bank, New Jersey.

Skilled Debt Help in Red Bank, New Jersey

A bankruptcy discharge releases a debtor from liability for certain types of debt. This means that the debtor is not responsible for paying that debt. Bankruptcy's ability to discharge debt will vary depending on the type of debt and whether a debtor files under Chapter 7, 13, 11 or 12. A Red Bank bankruptcy attorney can explain these matters to you in more detail in order to help you understand exactly how your debt may be impacted. This is particularly helpful if you are interested in making the right choice about filing in the first place, as the entire purpose is to experience relief from overwhelming debt. At Law Office of Richard J. Pepsny, P.A., we have considerable knowledge of bankruptcy proceedings in New Jersey and how they may affect credit card debt, mortgage loans, car loans, personal loans, alimony, child support and even back taxes. We represent debtors in Red Bank as well as throughout Eatontown, Fair Haven and Lincroft and are ready to see how we can help you.

The pressure of excessive debt can be overwhelming. Instead of worrying about wage garnishment, property repossession and your financial future, eliminate your debt with the help of a Red Bank bankruptcy lawyer at Law Office of Richard J. Pepsny, P.A.. Our firm is located at 240 Maple Avenue , Red Bank, NJ, 07701 and we represent clients throughout the surrounding communities in New Jersey. We are always happy to offer knowledgeable guidance and welcome you to call us at (888) 732-2137 for a confidential review of your case. Existing clients, please feel free to call (732) 842-8505 and we will address your needs immediately. Sooner than you think, we may be able to discharge your debt through bankruptcy!

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